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What is a Funko Pop protector?

Avid collectors will know the importance of keeping the Funko Pop items within their box, but what is more so significant is the quality the original box remains in. Pop protectors will ensure a dust and damage free figurine keeping your treasured collection in premium condition. Here at Gorilla Guard we offer two types of protectors ensuring plenty of options, from our softer shell cases which come flat packed to our hard stacks which are perfect for staking your Pops due to its solid plastic shell exterior. These four-inch cases fit all standard Funko Pops and with a sleek design you can display your favourite Pop with ease and at an affordable price. 


Why choose our Funko Pop protectors? 

In need of a great value for money protector without the hefty price tag? We’ve got you covered. Our Funko Pop protectors are highly rated for their acid free casing, easy assembly and affordability. In fact, on Amazon we’re currently ranked number one for our four-inch 25 pack of cases. It’s safe to say you’re in expert hands when it comes to finding a top quality product for your pride and joy figurines. 

If that wasn’t enough, we also offer hard stacks which have a nice tight fit in a superior casing and allows you to stack your Funko Pops without the risk of scratches or falls. And did we mention all our products are made in the UK? Our quick and free delivery service means you can start protecting your collection almost immediately! Buy in bulk and you’ll receive additional discounts too and our personalised service means we will customise the quantity of your packs, meaning you can purchase the correct amount for your sizable collection. 

Starting from our cheapest one pack case from £1.99 to stackable hard two pack protectors from £19.99, we have every quantity and style included on our site. Not to mention the exclusive savings along the way. For example, if you buy a bulk of 10 Funko Pop four-inch protector cases, you’ll save over £10 instead of buying them individually. Now, that’s what we call a fantastic deal! 


Why Choose Our Hot Wheel Protectors? 

Not only do we provide a variety of three different protectors from the short card options to cases for long matchbox carded cars and real riders, but all our products are made in the UK too. This top quality product will offer premium safety from scuffs and scratches, allowing you to keep your avid car collection in a pristine state. 

Our Hot Wheels Protector Cases Prices:

You won’t need a bank loan to protect your most valuable products either thanks to our affordable prices. Starting with the real rider card protector at £4.99, grab a bargain and buy 10 for only £14.99, that’s a whopping £34 saving. And there’s more where that came from, our short card cases are also £4.99, but you could bag 30 for only £34.99. The same goes for the long card protectors, buy in bulk to kit out your collection and redeem exclusive discounts. 

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